Shot on Film 2

Hello! I’m back again with another roll of film. It took me a lot longer to finish out this one with all of the madness that comes with the end of the semester, but I’m still pretty happy with how this turned out.

There’s a lot of time in this roll. The photos here, to me, tell a story about the last few months of this semester. There are photos of the daily walk to class, celebrations of another successful year, escapes, and a look to the future. Some of these photos hold nostalgia, snapshots of a place I’ll never be again, others are representative of what’s to come, even if I didn’t know it then. The time in this roll told me a lot about myself, I’ve learned about where I can grow and where I’ve strayed. I’m more content with living in the present and letting life happen one day at a time. This roll ended on the same hike the last one did, this time though, we made it to the top.

Shot on 35mm Portra 400 in a Vivitar V335 at 50mm.