How do I art?

I’ve never been big into resolutions, especially since most of my moments of growth usually happen between March and September, yet, here I am still making “goals” for the next few months of my life. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t get me excited in some way.


In the past few months I lost a lot of the creative drive that kept me going. I stopped going out and taking photos for fun, and only made things if it was for a project or homework. It didn’t feel super great and probably wasn’t the best decision I had. So a big goal for me is to try and make more creative pieces that are for me, and not just about being for a job. So adding to photography, I’m going to try to draw more, to create because I can and without worrying about if its good.

So that’s why we have some new sketches here! As with my photographs, I’m still very inspired by nature, so I’ve been drawing nature too, in a very mediocre way. I’ve been very appreciative of YouTube tutorials and the undo button in Procreate. It makes my mistakes less significant or gone entirely.

Of course, my photos are still going to be a thing, and spending the first day of 2019 running through the snow, chasing the light as the sun set was everything I could have hoped it would be. I never realized how much I would miss shooting photos just me, but it helped me reset my mental health, and allow me to look forward to the rest of 2019 with hope and a whole lot of excitement.