Coffee Shop Review - Huckleberry Roasters

As most of my friends know, I spend a lot of time at coffee shops. Because of that, they also ask me “Hey Andrew, what’s your favorite shop?”. Well, I figured a fun way to answer that question is to start a series of reviews where I talk about the shops I visit. I hope this is as fun for you as it is for me.


To kick off this series, I wanted to highlight Huckleberry Roasters. Based out of Denver, they have quickly become my favorite roaster. I first started drinking Huck when I picked up a bag that they roasted in collaboration with Topo Designs. I never really took to coffee much before this point, and this was a great way to get introduced to it.

After using this bag to experiment with coffee, I was looking for something a little bit more interesting. One of my friends highly recommended Costa Rican coffee, and at that same time, Huck just released the seasons batch from the Central American county. I picked up the Santa Maria blend, and from there, I didn’t look back. Even Erin, who said she doesn’t really like coffee said it was her favorite to date.


I wanted to talk about the cafe for a moment. The one I have the most experience with is their location at the Dairy Block since it's so close to Union Station. The Dairy Block itself is a cool place with wide, open floor-plans and a host of trendy locations from the Milk Market, a Warby Parker, a fancy cocktail bar, and of course Huck. The cafe is always a clean, welcome space with friendly baristas who always brew a really good americano. When I first visited the cafe about a week after the block opened, the crowds were nonexistent and the walls were still white. The place has really come far since then.


Alright, back to the coffee. Recently, Huck totally revamped the way they package their coffee. As a design student, this new rebrand got me very excited with its bold use of colors and a nice sans-serif font. (Sprudge wrote an article about the process here.) The design of the bags alone got me to pick up a new blend, this time their seasonal Sister Winter Blend. One thing that I think is great about Huck is that some of their blends are paired with organizations that part of the proceeds goes to. This year, the blend went back to helping boost the coffee infrastructure at the sourcing farm. The other blend I’m a fan of is called the Phantom Limb Blend, which goes to local amputee organizations. I’m a sucker for good coffee and good causes.

When people ask me about my favorite place for coffee in Denver, I pretty much always recommend that they check out Huck. To me, it has a great mix of being welcoming and approachable for people new to coffee like I was, but also a place where you can really get into the weeds if you so desire.

Of course, I’m always looking for places I’ve never been so if you have a recommendation, feel free to let me know and I’ll give it a review.

March Favorites

March just wrapped up which means spring break just did too and boy was that needed. Here are my favorites for the month before heading back for the last push to the end of the school year. 


Jeremy Loops - Critical as Water

From South Africa, Jeremy Loops' second album invokes feelings that resemble the push and pull of the ocean, where water is more figurative, a symbol of emotion rather than just something physical. That or the album art (shot by my personal inspiration Ben Brown) is just subconciously telling me something. Either way, this album is great if you need something to listen to while you relax or to be the soundtrack to a roadtrip. My favorite two songs off this album are "Freak" and "Vulture" which showcase the duality of "water" and the strenghts of this album. 

Also if you're curious about what I'm listening to you can find my Spotify


Coffee Talk with Ian and Ivy

I gotta shoutout my friend's podcast here, especially cause they were nice enough to have me on Episode 20! If you're looking for the Gen-Z perspective on current events look no further cause Ian and Ivy have you covered. Thank you guys for having me on, it was a blast.


Early March sunsets, late March hikes. Our day up at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden, Colorado will go down as my favorite hike so far. 


February Favorites


Kai Straw - Gun

I found Kai Straw a few months ago and I really loved his album Toothpick. He would release a few singles after that for his newest album Gun and I was so stoked when this came out. A bit of dance music, a bit of R&B, and some storytelling came together to make one helluva album. 



From Gimlet Media, the people behind my other favorite podcast Reply All is a show that is as human as a podcast can get. Hosted by Jonathan Goldstein, Heavyweight shows us what it means to really break down a moment and live through all the emotions that come with it. 

Anthropocene Reviewed

Technically this came out in January but it was the very end of it so it gets a spot on the February list. From writer John Green, this podcast looks at parts of the human-centric world and he then goes and rates them. The first episode talks about Canadian Geese (they received an unfairly low score) and the uniqueness of Dr. Pepper. A short and sweet podcast that definitely will slot in the time it takes to walk across campus. 


The Obama's official portraits are freaking awesome. Just look at em'.