February Favorites


Kai Straw - Gun

I found Kai Straw a few months ago and I really loved his album Toothpick. He would release a few singles after that for his newest album Gun and I was so stoked when this came out. A bit of dance music, a bit of R&B, and some storytelling came together to make one helluva album. 



From Gimlet Media, the people behind my other favorite podcast Reply All is a show that is as human as a podcast can get. Hosted by Jonathan Goldstein, Heavyweight shows us what it means to really break down a moment and live through all the emotions that come with it. 

Anthropocene Reviewed

Technically this came out in January but it was the very end of it so it gets a spot on the February list. From writer John Green, this podcast looks at parts of the human-centric world and he then goes and rates them. The first episode talks about Canadian Geese (they received an unfairly low score) and the uniqueness of Dr. Pepper. A short and sweet podcast that definitely will slot in the time it takes to walk across campus. 


The Obama's official portraits are freaking awesome. Just look at em'.