March Favorites

March just wrapped up which means spring break just did too and boy was that needed. Here are my favorites for the month before heading back for the last push to the end of the school year. 


Jeremy Loops - Critical as Water

From South Africa, Jeremy Loops' second album invokes feelings that resemble the push and pull of the ocean, where water is more figurative, a symbol of emotion rather than just something physical. That or the album art (shot by my personal inspiration Ben Brown) is just subconciously telling me something. Either way, this album is great if you need something to listen to while you relax or to be the soundtrack to a roadtrip. My favorite two songs off this album are "Freak" and "Vulture" which showcase the duality of "water" and the strenghts of this album. 

Also if you're curious about what I'm listening to you can find my Spotify


Coffee Talk with Ian and Ivy

I gotta shoutout my friend's podcast here, especially cause they were nice enough to have me on Episode 20! If you're looking for the Gen-Z perspective on current events look no further cause Ian and Ivy have you covered. Thank you guys for having me on, it was a blast.


Early March sunsets, late March hikes. Our day up at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden, Colorado will go down as my favorite hike so far.